Sziget Detox
Revive at Sziget Detox (12-14 August)

For anyone that wants to rest after the Sziget Festival we open the gates of Bedepuszta, a small village at the dead end of a road in the middle of the nature at 100 km northeast of Budapest.

On a one hour drive from Budapest between the Matra Mountains and the hills of Cserhát you can find the Buddhist temple of Tar. From there it's a 10 minutes drive to the valley of Bedepuszta, where the road ends in a village of twenty houses. The valley is situated between wooded hills and has a view on the highest mountains of Hungary. In the area you can walk from valley to valley, through the fields and forests and past ruins of abandoned villages.

The village of Bedepuszta is 80% abandoned. The empty houses are used as studios or exhibition spaces. At the entrance of the village is a bar with cold beer, good Hungarian wines and palinka. There is a movie room, a terrace with magnificent view and a stage. The stage is free for whoever wants to perform. There will also be DJs to take care of music, including some Hungarian DJs with an obscure vinyl collection. 

Sziget Detox is a combination of tranquility, nature, campfire and relaxed parties. Sports and games facilities available are a football field, badminton, archery and table football. Several times a day you can join a yoga or tai-chi class. Besides that you can paint, pick and eat fruits from the orchards, walk to the Medieval village Hollokö and ride horses in the area. But for many chilling in the village will probably be enough of a programme after seven days of Sziget Festival.

In the empty houses a few exhibitions will be organised (more info will follow soon). The camping is in the middle of the village. Toilets and showers are available. In the morning a car comes to bring fresh bread, sausages, cheese and vegetables. In the evening meals are prepared over an open fire.

Sziget Detox is an escape from the massiveness. For that reason we want to limit the number of participants this year to 100 people. Do you want to come to Sziget Detox? Then fill in the form below and we will contact you soon!

The costs are 15 euro per person per night, including camping and evening meals, or 10 euro per night without dinner.